# Introduction

# 🚀 Products

Credify is providing 3 services:

  • 1️⃣ idX
  • 2️⃣ idPass
  • 3️⃣ serviceX

# 1️⃣ What's idX?

idX is Credify’s self-sovereign ID platform. This service enables users to take control of their PII (Personally Identifiable Information). Credify does not possess users’ PII in the Credify system, while users’ devices hold the PII.

Users can passport their profile into the Credify system, and they can reuse their e-passport wherever Credify is supported via OpenID Connect. In the passporting process, users can verify their phone number, email address, etc, and go through eKYC. Credify records hashed values of these pieces of PII with each user’s signature into a blockchain. As such, there is no way for Credify to tamper with the data on the blockchain without the user’s awareness. Credify is similarly unable to sell user data - the user enjoys sovereignty over their personal data.

A unique feature of idX is that it is an OpenID Connect provider. In other words, you can easily integrate the Credify Login into your service with Credify’s SDK or API. Users will be able to log into your service with this self-sovereign ID.

idX is very extensible and enables companies to furnish users with the PII that they have gathered from them. Once users get this data, they are able to treat this as their property. For example, a financial institution may provide its customers with their eKYC-ed profile and a credit score, which users can then use the data when they log into other services on the Credify network. In this setting, idX is acting as a financial passport for users. The data in idX is fully encrypted in the user’s device so that only the data owner, or those who have the data owner's consent, are able to unlock it.

We believe this universal identity system will have you prepared for the upcoming privacy-preserving era and be a core to enable embedded finance services.

# 2️⃣ What's serviceX?

serviceX is a tool for Credify network participants to acquire new customers and provide contextual financial products to end-users.. While idX gathers dispersed and fragmented data into a self-sovereign ID, serviceX unleashes the cross-pollination of users and data across idX participating services.

For example, serviceX enables a network participant to reach out to users of a participating insurance company based on their data record (e.g. to those with a good credit rating). Of course, you could build this for your users yourself, but you would need to integrate with other platforms one by one, which is exactly what Credify is simplifying. You only need to integrate with Credify to reach out to your potential customers and refer good users to other platforms.

# 3️⃣ What's idPass?

idPass is an interface for users to interact with idX and serviceX. It has iOS and Android apps. On those apps, users can register on idX, go through eKYC, manage their data, check activities, access Credify participants’ services, and apply for deals generated on serviceX. idPass is also used for Credify Login Authentication. Since we package this core features, we can whitelabel this service for specific platforms.

Last Updated: 4/19/2021, 3:49:59 AM