# Getting started

# Partner types


To utilize serviceX as an enterprise, you need to register your organization account on serviceX Dashboard. Credify supports 2 partner types:

  • Service Provider
  • Market

These types determine which resource in the Credify system is available in every request. You can request to change your role on serviceX Dashboard, and we will review your request to approve.

  • Service Provider is to provide your services across the Credify network.
    • e.g., lending companies providing cash loan, insurance companies providing health insurance
  • Market provides their users with the services provided by Service Provider.
    • e.g., e-commerce platforms that want to embed financial services

If you are a marketplace and interested in BNPL, you will need to be Market and contact us to enable the BNPL option, as it is not publicly available yet. On the other hand, if you are a financial institution and would like to provide BNPL systems, you will need to be Service Provider and contact us to activate the BNPL provider settings.

# Process

  1. Register your organization account
  2. Wait for our review process
    • We review new organization onboarding to make sure our network is credible.
  3. Log into your organization account once approved
  4. Upgrade your organization role to be either Service Provider or Market upon your need
    • In this step, you will need to provide technical information. You can keep it something tentative until you finish the integration. We will explain the detail in the next page.
  5. Wait for our review process about this change
  6. Re-login your account to reflect the change
    • Your session is associated with your organization role, thus you will need to log into your account again after approval
  7. (Market only) Go to Settings > Access Control in Dashboard and whitelist Service Providers for them to promote offers on your platform
  8. (Service Provider only) Ask Credify team to register your products that you would like to offer on serviceX
    • Credify team configures products as we agree on a contract
  9. (Service Provider only) Create promotion offers
    • You can create offers that promote your products. Every offer needs to link a product of yours
  10. Go to For Developers > API Key Generator in Dashboard and create a new API key
  11. Start integration work with the API key created in the previous step
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