# Getting started

# Do you want to create your own digital ID?

It is extremely simple for you to introduce our ID system under your brand. Please let us know (info@credify.one) 🦄! You can unify your ID systems across your services with efficient KYC.

# Do you want to leverage Credify Login?

Credify Login is just like Facebook Login from an integration perspective. However, users don't have to rely on Credify's own server and they can have control over their own data, which is necessary as a matter of law.

Please refer this section.

# Do you want to provide your users with more services, insurance, credit, etc.?

Credify enables you to serve thirdparty services to your users on your own platforms. What's pretty cool about this is that users will not have to go through tedious processes to access those services because they can leverage their data that sits in your database with the relevant user's consent. Credify will not see your data at all. Credify's role is to connect multiple services with user's consent.

Please refer this section.

# Do you want to acquire more new users?

Credify is providing a solution for companies to acquire more users by connecting multiple services. You can provide your services to users on different platforms on context basis. For example, users on an e-commerce platform can get your insurance package with an extremely simplified process in case you are an insurance company.

Please refer following

  1. Create promotions
  2. Be Service Provider
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