# How we support Service Providers' onboarding

This page describes how we help Service Providers' onboarding processes.

We have 2 parts:

  • Mobile/Web SDK
  • Skeleton service

sdk vs skeleton

# Mobile/Web SDK

# Verification (phone / email)

The Credify SDK (mobile/web) lets end-users verify their phone number and email address by sending OTP (One Time Password). The phone verification is mandatory, while email verification is optional.


# eKYC


The Credify SDK (mobile/web) has supported eKYC. End-users will take a photo of their ID card and take a selfie. Credify extracts the name, ID number, etc. what is written in the ID card, check the liveness of the selfie, and fraud-check.

Although we support the eKYC, we allow Service Providers to use their own eKYC API in the SDK. In this case, we will need the endpoint of the Service Providers' eKYC API, so that we can call into the API from the SDK. The reference ID generated from the eKYC API will be sent via OIDC along with other claims. We are responsible for obtaining the photos and selfie in this scenario, as well.

ekyc flow

# Data collection

data collection

The end-users can share their data managed by Markets. Service Providers may require more information about the end-users than the data managed by the Markets, so we help the Service Providers collect necessary yet missing information inside the frontend SDK. The SDK will render a set of form upon a product configuration of the Service Providers. All the collected information will be sent as OIDC claims.

data collection flow


Once verification, eKYC, and data collection is done, the end-users must make a consent to share all the data with the Service Provider. This consent leverages OIDC. The data is encrypted by an encryption public key, so only the relevant Service Provider can see the actual data. The consent history is recorded into a blockchain.

consent flow

# Skeleton service for Service Providers

We have developed Skeleton service for Service Providers in Node.js, Java, and .NET to help the serviceX integration as this page describes (Integration guide). This Skeleton service also has interfaces for the following additional features.

# eSigning

flow of eSigning

Some Service Providers require eSign to complete onboarding. For example, end-users who are applying for a cash loan will need to enter a contractual relationship with a lending Service Provider. This eSign will enable this digitalization. The Service Provider needs to set a template of contracts beforehand and the skeleton service maps the user information & finalized terms to the contract template and let the end-users digitally sign off on this contract.


# BNPL Provider

We enable financial institutions to be a BNPL provider by plugging in their system. If you want to know more detail, please contact us! (email: dev@credify.one)

bnpl gateway

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