# Integration guide

Please have a look at Getting started if you haven't set up your account yet.


  • Once you integrate Credify as Market, you can provide users on your platform with diverse services without extra efforts.
  • Once you integrate Credify as Service Provider, you can approach your potential users on a lot of platforms without extra efforts.

You need to do the following for the integration

# Service Provider

We need your system to expose some API endpoints explained in the below link.

API specs of Service Providers

These API endpoints need to be registered on Dashboard, thus please update your organization information on Dashboard once you deploy the API.


We are in migration to remove this explicit endpoint registration. If you are going to use BNPL on your platform, you will need to provide an API base URL as well. You will need to provide the API base URL, and we will add a suffix to point to each endpoint.

# Market


# If you leverage our data sharing feature

We need your system to expose some API endpoints explained in the below link only if your service utilizes Credify's data sharing.

API specs of Markets data sharing

We have 2 approaches to complete the API development easily.

Approaches Characteristics Pros Cons
SDK model We develop SDK (API wrapper with some functionalities) and our partner develops the rest Flexible Much development effort
Skeleton model We create boilerplate implementation to minimize the partner's development workload Minimal development effort Not flexible about deployment strategy

# SDK model

SDK model

We support the following platforms:

# Skeleton model

Skeleton model

What We need you to do is:

  1. Fork the project
  2. Clone the forked project into your machine
  3. Complete the implementation following the comments in the repository
  4. Deploy the server
  5. Update the domain and path on serviceX Dashboard
  6. Move to integration test (we will support this step)

Only Node.js Market Skeleton is public as of July 2022.

# For all Markets

If you would like to present serviceX flow on both mobile and web, you will need to install our frontend SDK on each platform. If you do not want to integrate with our SDK, you may simply redirect your user to our web app for the serviceX flow. In this case, users will be redirected back to your platform once a transaction is completed (e.g., BNPL is authorized, insurance product is purchased).

Please follow Market integration.

Last Updated: 2/28/2023, 11:14:35 AM